Saturday, October 6, 2012

Successful Communication with Society

                          Silent Is Gold 

People usually tell everything they get to their heads which makes them predictable and easy to be analysed by other people while staying silent and listening to everyone give their opinions and taking your time thinking to know what to say well make you always right and the type of person that people would ask you for an advise when they are having a question or a problem of some kind and that goes everywhere from your day at the job to your life at home, the key to successful conversation in a group is listening to what everyone has to say an from there you start talking.

am not saying you should keep your mouth shot while your around people am saying that listening and then talking is the golden moment to show everyone how thoughtful you are, and regardless you agree with the person/people your talking with do not ever try to correct  the people around you when it comes to talking on culture-religion-talking about specific type of people in some society because those types of believes never change in people and they always have their reasons and trying to correct them based on your experience well result on conflict.

The key to successful communications with anyone you come cross is analyzing them and find out what is their interests and the place and time and what cloth they are wearing  and age all of those things are parts you but together to analyze a person instantly and from there you well not feel lost around anyone.

 Avoid conflict because not everyone thinks the same way as others do and you think differently from what others do and finding the shared things between people and butting that on the table is the key to a successful communication and a problem solving key you can use, there is always conflict everywhere, between a father and a son and between tow strangers for instant when your talking with a friend about his/her country try not to judge but try to keep the conversation where you are seeing it from your culture point of view and keep the person talking and continue his/her conversation on what they are talking about which leaves the idea of judging out of the picture.

                      Socializing Online

Today there are over six billion people online  and they all connect through chatting websites and must importunately through twitter and Facebook  and analyzing people through the internet is a lot easier than doing it in person because people usually are polite and don't show you everything about themselves only when it comes to the internet and i well tell you how.

-When a person uses wrong words against you or against what you stand for they have no personalty in real life which is outside the internet.

-When a person have a picture of himself showing off that means that he is looking for attraction from people in the internet and in real life because he is not having any.

-When a person takes everything/something seriously that you said in the internet that means they are he/she is not being taking seriously in work/home/around friends.

-Taking the opposite of how people react in the internet analyzes a person instantly because people feel safe in the internet and feel they have complete privacy but that does not mean that 
we should look into it in a bad way because there is a reason for everything a human does.

but never think for one second that if you have a lot of friends online that you well be a social person because socializing online is not enough and socializing with people in real life is the complete link to communication with people.

                     SOCIAL LIFE PROBLEMS

people take everything seriously when it comes to social life problem and what am referring for is dealing with people who talk about you behind your back and people who do not like you and lie to you and those are social life problems that have tow options:-

1-Seeing it from the person's point of view and try to solve the conflict.
2-Continue on making bigger problems and making social life conflict increase.

Seeing it from the person's point of view you are having problems with well be the first step to solve a conflict and that conflict can be due differences in personalty-culture- and the reasons are several, however social life problems are always there and choosing to ignore them are a big mistake but dealing with problems is a first and finding the cause so that it never happen again is the tow keys to solving problems that occur in social life.