Thursday, October 18, 2012

Its Not Life..Its You.

People face this problem a lot and most of the time they just try to find someone to blame and develop more problems and regrade till they reach a point where they say its just life but it is not it is them because people usually take decisions based on their culture and think that everything is going to be perfect but it well not be perfect because no matter what type of decision anyone makes it well always have its negative side and it's bright side and people look only at the bright side without noticing anything wrong with their decisions that they always make in their daily life's.

you should not depend on other people regardless who they are to avoid conflict and problems that can occur from that neither you should always think that your goals in life well bring complete happiness to you because there well always the bright side and the bad side to you or someone else.

Live With it and never complain to people about it, in this age and time people want to jump the open sea and still don't get wet, yet once they get wet after jumping to the sea they well start to complain and question everyone around them trying to but the blame on someone else.

Life is not about how much you can make but it is about how much you can take, you should not live your life in a way where everything should be going according to what you want it to be, and no one can ever live their life's where they well always be respected by everyone because humanity can never agree on one point.

You should always have a plan when you commit to make a decision of any kind , specially if it's a decision that can take off your wants and even your needs in life and if you can't do that then you should work on doing that because there is no such thing as (you where forced to do this or that) in life there are hundreds of ways not only what you think.

Thinking outside the box is the first step to make a successful decision and a successful decision is a decision that you have backup plane to and know how to deal with problems once they happen, and you should see things in different ways , don;t ever see things from one point of view, instead but yourself in someone else's shoes that have mad a good successful decision and see how well that work for you.