Friday, September 28, 2012

Being You, Defines You

You Can Never Please The People Around You 
Only When You Be Yourself You well.

There are a lot of people who always lie to everyone to try to fit in with them,because they usually think that this is the best way for them to be popular among the people they lie to but they are lying to themselves and creating nothing but secrets and keeping secrets from everyone around them, those type of people find lying and being someone's else is always the key to get what they want and well never stop doing that because the idea of being themselves is the only thing they well never understand, but it is simple to be yourself trying to find what your personalty fit and finding people whom have slimier thinking well not be a problem because they well come to you and you well find friends easier than you ever thought but when you lie to people to try and fit with them due self interest then you are not being yourself your just lying to everyone to get what you want which is creating an illusion to everyone that your popular and which is not, now it's true you can always lie to get what you want but you well always be disappointing to everyone and your secret well be out in the open in no time and think how you well look front of those people.

Culture, Society,Friends,Reasons....Has the Effect.
where you grow up and where you accepted to your society and found friends and had all the reasons in life those are the factors that make you and create you which well make you define what is right and what is wrong and make you, YOURSELF,don't wait for people to judge you and make the judgment effect your personalty and change your goals but take it as an advise.never wait for anyone to give you credits but give credits for yourself and never let people define who you are and it doesn't matter how great or valuable they are in your life because no one knows you better than you when you are YOURSELF.

Your The Boss Of Yourself.

Yes your the boss your the one who does what he thinks is right and believe in what you logically think is right and no need to tell everyone about yourself if they don't like that type of personally , keep your distance from everyone not that you should lock yourself in a room and talk to no one but don't go to a Jewish guy and tell him you like Hitler yes you have bad habits but don't everyone have those? and yes your not that great in what you do but not everyone is , you don't have to see who are better than you not the people who are worst than you but you have to see where you stand defines you as a person and am not telling you this to be a better person am telling you this to see what you are and what you want in this life and do it the way you want it to be.

Don't Change For Them Change For The Better.

Go Outside and walk in a crowded mall and see all the people around you some of them who are looking at you and some of them who are having a bad day and some of them who are happy but their actually not but one thing they all have in common which is they only judge and they never understand any behavior and spend their life judging everything around them forgetting the must important thing which is no body really cares what they think maybe for a minute or tow then no one cares. so why even change how you really are for those people who don't really care and you don't have to wait for them to care in the first place don't question yourself if your ugly or your fat or not these things are reasonable it's like asking someone if 1+1=2 or not.
change for the better change if you find yourself in need for change to obtain something you want or need like quitting smoking or stop driving recklessly but not entirely to the point where you find yourself lying and keeping secrets.
Life passes by faster than you think and when you look back at yourself few years ago and the type of situations you have been through and say the words (i could do this or that) that means you did lie to yourself in the pass but that wont stop you from becoming better and changing to the better right now at this moment picking yourself up the pass can never change but the future is always promising and rewarding in many ways you never could imagine.