Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When where not Seeking Solutions, only changes.

People never stop at solving their problems by just accepting the idea that there is only one solution for their problems and there's no way for that problem to be solved but the biggest problem is that they don't want a solutions for their problem but they actually want a change that is impossible  even if they are convinced that a solution is the key, in my experience i have come cross these types of people my entire life and i can say that all the problems that i have seen occur constantly with people had always one way out direction but no one is taking that direction.

People should not spend time thinking on how to solve a problem rather than that, they should always think of logical ways to solve their problems that makes sense to them and to everyone who is involved within the problem it's self.
such problems like a person who hates his job so he has a problem and he wants his job to change but it well never change and he cant quit his job because he would have financial problems if he quit his job so he has one way which is accepting his job for what it is because it does bring food to his table and does pay for his bills and like i said in a previous post that Our Choices are the causes of what life brings to us and its not life that got us where we at we basically should see these types of issues and to get ready for it.

Am not limiting your choice to solve a problem i know there are Several  steps to solve a problem written by people who had a whole lot more experience than i do but what am telling you is that most common problems  that we deal with in our daily life either in the short term or in the long term always has the one way out which is accepting your problem and working on a logical way to solve it because usually what happens is people start to take their small problem to use it as an excuse for their actions and start to cause more problems for themselves and for the people around them while they could take the easy way out which is solving their issue instantly.

You might ask yourself how can you solve a problem that did not happen yet, or how can you get ready for something you did not plan in your life to happen and the answer for that is simple its because you did not get ready for it, you should get ready at your first day in the job for a boss who well hate you or a wife who well be mad at you for no reason or a son who well not life you but all of this is natural human life we should be having these problems but it does not mean that its natural that we should not solve them, the solution for each of these problems is simple and if you did not use the easy solutions which i mean by easy i mean the logical solution then you well be having bigger problems in your life

your having bad time at where you live?
your not getting good grades at college?
your not being satisfied about your life?
who isn't?

we all face these issues that can lead us to making mistakes we regrade in life but it does not mean that when we reach a point where we made so many mistakes that can't still take that one way out.

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