Monday, September 24, 2012


Suicide is giving up on everything and quitting from life leaving nothing behind and the reason of suicide is  simple but the causes are several what suicidal people do have in common is that they all share the one thing that they are all suffering from isolation they find the world being empty and there is nothing there for them
you well be surprised that even rich people suicide not if they lost their wealth but even if they come cross doing something that is against their religion or culture the reasons behind suicide can be caused by rules that bound people to commit suicide and can't find another solution to end their pain and suffering so they commit suicide and think that it is the only choice they have got.

Debate with suicide.
Have you ever walked into a public bathroom and found a man/women with a knife in their hand trying to commit suicide?
the first thought in your head is that you want to help that person and make him/her stop from trying to get her/him self killed but i only brought up this situation because i wanted you to take off everything that you stand up for your culture your religion and even the people you love and care about and your assets which is your property then would you commit suicide? 
then try to talk that person that well have the same reasons you would have that well but you in a situation that you want to commit suicide and try to talk him out of it.
this is all the reasons that people who suicide have and they are several and sometimes can be for something that is seriously stupid but it does not mean that if you lose everything that you should commit suicide but if you did lose everything that means its your problem and no one else's problem because it's you who did not think of a plan B.
because we live in a time where anything can happen the stock market falls down, company's layoff's millions of employees sending them back home with nothing to do, CEO's working in burger king because they could not implement another plan  in case they could no longer be CEO's anymore.

if your reading this post because you want to suicide but your still thinking of alternatives and ways to avoid it your still seriously confused of how you want to die but one thing for curtain is while your trying to find out a way to kill yourself your sure that you well not die before you actually kill yourself so before you suicide how about doing something you can be remembered of doing things that you never thought possible even things you used to fear the must, i personally fear diving because i have fear of the open ocean and some people have fear of sky diving and through facing your worst fears your basically facing the idea of suicide because when your facing your worst fears and your heart rate increases it's because your scared of dying but why your scared of dying if your trying to commit suicide anyways.

SUICIDE Reasons...
There are so many reasons to suicide but the most common one is human disability like becoming blind when your 30 years old or find out that you have the Parkinson's disease, these are major causes to suicide that has no cure so it leads to one thing only which is suicide, in my experience i have never come cross having a human disability but  when a person fights such thing is called a fighter but when a person who committed suicide while coming cross such disability in his/her life they have got all the reasons in the world to commit suicide.

Other reasons people suicide for that are stupid because once a person has the suicide idea in his/her brain it well never leave him/her and even if it did , it well take a long time to recover. is around us.
how come it is around you might say, your friends are happy your family loves you and your wife is always there for you, but the big problem you have got is that teenagers also can develop suicide ideas even faster than you can think, because in their age they think suicide is the solution when you ground them for the day or when you take away their things that they spend must of the time on, now am not a father but one thing for sure is that paying attention around us for everyone that we care about is our job to do so.