Sunday, September 23, 2012


Perfection is what everyone want's and is looking for when you find someone who is in constant  sadness and
     regrade then that person simply is seeking perfection something does not exist.

 Perfection is a human illusion that people are looking for in everyday, thinking that once you 
 reach a specific goal things well be perfectly fine but its not, believe it or not must people are
 seeking perfection but they think they are not, that they are just trying to make things right
and become successful, then the idea of becoming successful fly's out of the window because
 they want what is never there which is perfection.
we all want to be successful in our life's we all want the best things we could ever have dreamed of regardless what it is we want to reach it as soon as possible but that can never happen with the state 
of thinking that it well fix everything and we well all live happy ever after, you well face problems and 
sadness no matter what you do this is life ups and downs well show up but the only things you well remember is how you passed the hard times in your life and how you achieved so many things you never even planned for in the first place.

When you buy a new car that you always wanted you might someday crash it even if it was not your fault.
When you get in a relationship for a long term you might end up breaking up, or he/she breaks up.
When you finally get a new better paying job your boss might dislike/disagree with you.
When you finally got an amazing house but your neighbors are annoying.
When you have a son that have always made you proud but in the end he did something else he wants.

                                                                                       Life Is Not Perfect For Anyone Regardless who you are.....Accepting life is the key for reaching your goal.