Sunday, September 23, 2012


Isolation or in other words autism which i have in my experience is the feeling that your believes and thoughts are restricted to yourself and can't share any of it with anyone else which leaves a big burden on your shoulders to carry which comes the term Isolation.

Isolation is not a disease but it is a temporary depending on the person's choice who is having an isolation part in his/her life which cannot be always noticed.

Isolation for a person is when he/she see themselves alone in this world with no one to talk to or share anything with and when they get something in return it's always with a price to pay with no real friends what so ever, basically its a friends with benefits or no friends at all which leaves the person to doing everything by him/her self that can cause problems in the future, isolation can be recovered and forgotten by finding a culture or society that fits the person who is feeling isolated from everything around him./her
because isolation start in one area for that person and develop through time and when that person moves from that place/area/culture and start exploring other places and finding new people and new culture he/she well feel different and start to want to form new friends and even a bigger chance to find someone to be his/her friend and form a relationship or a friendship that can be a solution to Isolation issues.

But don't forget that nothing is perfect and in life we well see the worst and best of it but its does not mean once we see the worst of it that we have to do harm to yourself but you have to accept it and live with it and dealing with it, because dealing with problems is better than trying to find the cause of it.