Monday, September 17, 2012

Anger Release.

This Is Not Anger Management 
This Is .............Anger Release

Hate and Anger and regrade are three things all lead to each other and what am going to show you how it is all linked to each other and that is based on experience.

You react to what have happened to you in the pass either at someone or at yourself for doing something specific that effects your believes or ethics  or culture and you generate Anger.

You start to hate and blame even if it was your fault your mind well still try to find someone to hate that someone you hate can be the closer person to you and you well start to hate.

Regrades is what results from hate and anger because when you are angry and full of hate and that includes anyone you well attempt to do things you never thought you would do and the cycle of anger and hate and regrade well continue...........

but i well show you how to pass by that because it stops just now while your reading these words you well remember everything  that drove you angry to be an addict to something that reduce the stress in your life and the hate and regrades.

First you have to see the causes are not letting you live your life without problems without any need for being angry at all, you have to but yourself in a position where you could not be regrading what has happened to you or what you have done, i know it is hard because of your culture and ethics and believes but am not telling you that a crime is justified but am telling you to reward yourself with another chance another white page that keeps coming every day but your filling it with the same thing over and over again for a long time you well only live once and never again so well this life of yours well be full of anger and hate is satisfying you then you should see the people that you care about whom are close to you and ask yourself are they satisfied with your personally and behavior, i know they might be the reason behind this but coming to a conclusion and letting go of small things means letting go of all the anger hate and regrade because the smallest thing that does not make any sense can make a person go to a state of anger and start his same behavior all over again. 

You are in anger and you are angry because you don't like what you are doing and think that there is no exit what so ever but regardless your age and looks you still breathing you can have an exit to your angry life and the only way to have an exit to for you to make one , make an exit out of the angry life of yours to somewhere you are curtain that well make you the person that is not angry and not hating everything you see , you have to move from that spot it is as easy as quitting smoking , Imagine  that you used smoke in a smokers area but now you have quieted smoking so you get out of that smoking area and start breathing normally.