Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Analyze People on Sight

Yes its true you can instantly analyze a person from the first second you see him and you wont have to spend a lot of time to analyze them and a lot of people well disagree with me but no one can take away the fact that the way we talk,walk,eat which is our behavior can not show what we really are.
however analyzing a person's behavior is a first step to know how to deal with them in a better way which well drive people to trusting you and increase your social reputation as a person who knows how to deal with people on sight but in fact your just analyzing them on sight.

however analyzing people is easier than analyzing whom we know and the reason behind that is easy because you can never analyze people who are close to you because you have feelings for them and you trust them and that is why you can never analyze them and one of the major reasons is that when analyzing a person you should think of the worst and best things they could be and you cant imagine someone close to you to be be a traitor or having a behavior that you find unacceptable therefor you can't analyze someone who is close to you.

How Analyzing people on sight improves you.

Dealing with people well be easier since you well know how to analyze people and understand their behavior and increase your communication skills in society and increase self satisfaction, analyzing people helps you to be a great talker and a good listener


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What Newspapers Have Said About Elsie Benedict and Her Work "Over fifty thousand people heard Elsie Lincoln Benedict at the City Auditorium during her six weeks lecture engagement in Milwaukee."-Milwaukee Leader, April 2, 1921. "Elsie Lincoln Benedict has a brilliant record. She is like a fresh breath of Colorado ozone. Her ideas are as stimulating as the health-giving breezes of the Rockies."-New York Evening Mail, April 16, 1914. "Several hundred people were turned away from the Masonic Temple last night where Elsie Lincoln Benedict, famous human analyst, spoke on 'How to Analyze People on Sight.' Asked how she could draw and hold a crowd of 3,000 for a lecture, she said: 'Because I talk on the one subject on earth in which every individual is most interested-himself.'"-Seattle Times, June 2, 1920. "Elsie Lincoln Benedict is a woman who has studied deeply under genuine scientists and is demonstrating to thousands at the Auditorium each evening that she knows the connection between an individual's external characteristics and his inner traits."-Minneapolis News, November 7, 1920. "Elsie Lincoln Benedict is known nationally, having conducted lecture courses in many of the large Eastern cities. Her work is based upon the practical methods of modern science as worked out in the world's leading laboratories where exhaustive tests are applied to determine individual types, talents, vocational bents and possibilities."-San Francisco Bulletin, January 25, 1919.